6,700 Square Feet

Services Provided

Interior Design
MEP Engineering

The Warrant Building was originally constructed in 1910 to house a bottling company in Downtown Houston. Over the years, many owners and tenants added various pieces creating an inefficient tangle of small rooms and disparate design elements. The client requested a renovation of the exterior and a re-imagination of the possibility of the interior as a Class A office, while respecting and reviving the integrity of the historical space. All interior non-load bearing walls were removed, providing an opportunity to create a highly unique executive office space for a wealth management company including a lobby, conference room, large private offices, and an open office space. To compliment, part of the strategic demolition included several areas of the mezzanine level, exposing the internal structure of the tower and providing a grand two-story space for the lobby and custom stair that is the heart of this executive office. The geometric pattern of the exposed structure is highlighted by an impressive eight-tier crystal chandelier helix. The exterior updates were executed to stay true to the character of the building but increase the overall efficiency of the structure. A covered courtyard for the tenants to enjoy was also a charming addition to this renovation. The interest generated by the adaptive reuse of this once run down building led to a feature article by the Houston Chronicle.